5 Films That Help Balance Out the US Iraq War Propaganda k so it’s no secret that I am anti-war. I absolutely believe that diplomacy is always the best option. I am enough of a realist to know that when diplomacy simply does not work then it’s time to look at military options. But, it’s imperative that military force be the last resort and that it be used in accordance with international laws and treaties. It’s also no secret that I think George Bush was the most disastrous thing to happen to this country since the Great Depression. But regardless of your feelings about Bush or the Iraq War the plain fact is that the war was based on lies, and he put our soldiers at great physical harm and endangered the people of Iraq based on lies to serve his own personal agenda. In this country we get a biased view of the Iraq War, usually peppered with a lot of patriotic BS to hide the real facts of the war. These films tell another side of the story and show not only the facts that have been kept hidden from many US citizens but the heart breaking reality of the human cost of the war. Are they biased? Of course they are. Every piece of film, every piece of journalistic writing, every podcast will always have the point of view of the author. But if you look at media that shows both sides you can extrapolate the truth of the situation, which is usually somewhere in the middle, after seeing both. So I think that everyone should see these movies to help them get an accurate view of the Iraq War.
Military.com's Tips for Spouses Working From Home You may have gotten the latest email from Military.com with their tips for working from home. Well, as someone who has successfully worked from home for five years now I have a few things to add: THEIR TIP: 1. Optimize your resume for virtual work. Many work-at-home job seekers make the mistake of using their “brick-and-mortar” resumes when applying for a virtual job. This not only flags them as being unfamiliar with remote work arrangements, it also guarantees that their most relevant skills or experience will be omitted or overlooked. At a minimum, be sure to highlight your ability to work independently and your familiarity with online collaboration tools and other communications options. Also make sure that your resume is in the right format, such as plain text, rather than in Word, which can become garbled during the online application process. MY TAKE: To an extent that's true, but it also depends on the kind of work you're doing. If you're just swapping a corporate career in a brick and mortar setting for an online corporate career they are going to care about your brick and mortar experience. For example, you can make decent money taking reservations for hotels, airlines, and other service businesses online and over the phone from home or doing virtual customer service work but companies that hire you for those positions will want to see that you have had brick and mortar experience in those jobs as well as that you can work remotely. Don't just ditch your valuable brick and mortar experience because it wasn't online. Keep your resume simple and cut and paste it into the body of an email. Because of spam and viruses many places won't open email attachments. You may also have to go through an online form on the company's website in order to submit your information. THEIR TIP: 2. Hone your research skills. To find legitimate jobs and projects online, use “good” search terms, and avoid “bad” ones. Learn to spot work-at-home scams by watching for red flags such as exaggerated income claims, prominent pictures of mansions and luxury cars, and ongoing credit card charges hidden in the “fine print.” MY TAKE: It's really easy to spot work at home scams. Anything that expects you to submit "samples" or work for free is a scam. Anything that requires you to pay for "materials", "education", or anything else is a scam. Anything where the pay is not clearly defined is a scam. To protect yourself use reputable companies to find work and work for companies that you know online like Comcast, Charter, AT&T and so on. They all hire virtual customer service reps. If you're freelancing in a craft like web design or writing use legitimate sites for freelancers like Elance, GetAFreelancer, or ODesk. THEIR TIP:

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