My First Mandatory FRG Meeting = EPIC Fail Yesterday when I arrived to pick up DH at 16:30 I was told that he and I were required to wait around until 18:00 for a mandatory FRG meeting. No notice whatsoever. Surprise! Hmm. Well I'm a civilian, so nothing can be "mandatory" for me, thank you very much. Unless the Army added me to the payroll when I wasn't looking I don't take orders from the Army and the Army cannot tell me what to do with my time. They own my husband, not me. And I had a very important project waiting that did not get done thanks to a mandatory FRG meeting that I didn't get any notice of. ... But there in lies the crux of the problem with the FRG - It's outdated, and it only serves a small segment of the unit. It's still 1940 on the Army clock, but it's 2011 in the real world. There are many Army spouses that don't need classes in setting up a FB page - we already know how to navigate the Interweb and have been using email and the Net quite successfully for many years now. We don't need classes in writing a check, we do that a lot. There is a LOT more diversity in Army families now. Not every spouse stays home and raises kids. Some stay home and work, some work outside the home, and some go to school. We run our households more efficiently than command runs their units, and FRGs really need to get with the times and start serving the needs of all different kinds of Army families, not just the traditional ones. **side rant** FRGs should NOT be a voluntary organization!!! Army spouses give ENOUGH. We give MORE than enough. Quit expecting us to do this too with no resources and no support. Make FRGs a little more 21st century and a little less high school and you'll attract volunteers who have a wider skill set and more experience. But right now many spouses wouldn't go near an FRG with a 10 foot pole. **/side rant**

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